Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Queen Heir by Jaymin Eve & Leia Stone release blitz

Queen Heir NYC Mecca Series: Book One By: Jaymin Eve and Leia Stone Release Date: December 13, 2016 Genre: Upper YA Fantasy (Shifters)     Back Cover Copy A gripping new fantasy series by USA today bestselling authors Jaymin Eve and Leia Stone.  Arianna is a queen heir and at 20 years old she's now eligible for the crown of wolf shifters. Heirs are trained and groomed so that they're ready, should the queen perish during their time of eligibility. Of course, there's little chance of that happening. The Red Queen has stood for a century, and her power is beyond reckoning. Or so Arianna believes, right up until the final tolling of the bells. The queen has fallen. Four heirs will now fight it out for the crown. Let the summit begin. Buy Link: Amazon (Kindle Unlimited) http://amzn.to/2fd8naI Goodreads: http://bit.ly/2g0aqvY     Excerpt “The queen has fallen,” I said. The words singed my tongue as they crossed it; everything would change now. The world as we knew it would descend into chaos if a new queen wasn’t crowned quickly. Calista’s head fell to her chest then and I could feel her surge of emotion through our pack ties. “I can feel the emptiness … but are you sure? How has this happened?” As an advisor to multiple heirs throughout her long, life Calista had been through a lot and had seen it all. She was one of the strongest women I knew and her voice still wavered. Closing my eyes, I reach out through my alpha bond to my pack, the thousand-plus shifters of the Bronx borough in New York City that were at my command. It took mere seconds to double-check what I already knew. The bond that bound me to my queen was severed and mecca power that had once coursed from her to me was leaking everywhere. The chimes … they must have been her last attempt to reach out to us. She had literally just taken her last breath.
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Author Bios:
Jaymin Eve: Jaymin Eve is the USA Today Bestselling author of Young Adult and New Adult romance novels (both urban fantasy and contemporary). She loves surrounding herself with the best things in life: her two girls, a good book and chocolate. Living on the beautiful Gold Coast in Australia, the family loves spending lots of time on the beach. And traveling as frequently as possible. When Jaymin isn’t trying to wrangle two daughters, a puppy and her husband, you will find her hiding in a corner trying desperately to write her stories (without little fingers pressing random keys). She asks for forgiveness if you notice the occasional sskkkkssis appearing in her book, her children are proud of their contribution. She’d love it if you contacted her, giving feedback or just to have a chat.
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  Leia Stone: Leia Stone is a USA TODAY bestselling author and mother of twins. When she isn't writing or kiddo wrangling, her nose is shoved in a good book. She lives with her husband and family in Portland, Oregon. She loves Indian food and is a vegetarian. **The Matefinder series has been optioned for film.** Sign up for my monthly newsletter! Get inside details and a chance to win free stuff.
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