Friday, June 10, 2016

Britt's Review of The Dawn Trilogy by Komali da Silva

Howdy Hooligans!
To start off I'm going to mention, I received this trilogy straight from the author after winning them at a release party. They were delivered before any of my other winnings, so #PromptnessPoints to her!

At first, I didn't expect to like them. I normally shy away from Angel/Religious fantasy. But, because I won them and I want to show love to the generosity of the authors I win things from, I knew they were getting read regardless. I shoved them in the middle of my current reading list. And Brittaini now, wants to go back and JackSlap past Brittaini between the eyes. It so deserved better.

Now in true Brittaini fashion, I started this Trilogy, and didn't stop until it was done. All three books in 18hours, I could not stop. So this will be a review of the box set, not the individual books. I'll try to keep my chin flap silent in spoilers, but as always I make NO promises :). If your spoiler sensitive, but your still here because your intrigued take my word on this.

If you enjoy YA. If you dream of Guardian Angels, or Demons. If you like seeing a heroine get put through the ringer and never give up. Then take my advice buy the books <3

After this point, my spoiler filters may falter.

Okay so we start out meeting Dawn, our heroine. So I'll give you a little blurb on her :).

"Dawn Huntington wants what every girl wants, a sweet sixteen birthday party with her friends, family, and some hot boys, but fate has other plans. On the night of Dawn's sixteenth birthday, she witnesses a crime she can't turn her back on, and the decisions she makes that night will change her life forever. "

Dawn Impresses me from the get go. Her moral compass is amazing at 16 to do what she does right off the bat! Most grown women run from that kind of confrontation but she just charges in in outrage. Her inner courage obviously shines. However, I feel when it comes to her emotions, she has no idea how manage them at all. She is strong when required, but she is a wallower. That is about my only complaint, and eventually she grows out of that, so I can totally get behind her as a character. She is put through so much, but in the end following her heart gets her what she deserves.

Now there are some GREAT secondary characters. Dawn's blood sister A is such an amazing person. I want to cry for Nate the Great for a year. A more perfect boy next door there never was. Jan is such a realistic little sister. A lot like mine actually. (Dawn is brown hair and green eyes like me, and my little sister is blonde blue eyes like Jan, ha-ha what a kawinkiedink, new reason to fan girl lol) Bonita definitely pulls the crazy quota. Aunt Meg and Gram Grams are both wacky wonderful. And Gabe, oh Gabe. Bow-chicka-wow-wow. Come to momma ;).

The first book didn't hook me completely, but because of the way it ended I needed to get on to book two. Although at no fault of the story itself, I came in expecting not to FanGirl so it took awhile for the glitter in my veins to start spreading. After the twists, and turns, the information uncovered and the relationship changes for everyone I was so involved in this story, the world around me faded away and I spent the rest of the day in a readers coma, ignoring the dogs barking, the child complaining, even to Hubby's stomach had to wait! By the end of book two I knew I was in head deep so I didn't even pause before devouring book three. And to be honest once again I had reservations. I know how some authors would have ended this story in ways I would have enjoyed. I pictured multiple way it could go, and more paths emerged  as I read on. Finally I was able to see the perfect ending. And I was not disappointed! I read as fast as I am possible of to see if this author would see my same vision, or use some plot twist to redeem an ass hat and give him an HEA I didn't think he deserved. And I was pleasantly surprised when I turned the last page and was completely fulfilled with the ending. 

The story is well written. Well edited and easy to follow. The flow is smooth And the dialouges are good. I enjoy a bit more then is in this story, but I still enjoyed it. The twists are well thought out and the villians a perfect mix of crazies, masterminds, and suprises.

I didn't leave the trilogy without closure, I closed the pages feeling like everything was right in the world. And, I'm also happy to say this trilogy will be in my YA top 10 recommendation list <3 

I'm Giving it a great big sparkling 4.5/5!

Peace, Love, & Happy Reading My Hooliganisms!
Brittaini Over & Out!

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