Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Jem's review of Warrior by Karen Lynch

Warrior has been my most anticipated release of the year. I mean I, along with countless other Karen Lynch fans, have been impatiently awaiting this book since Rogue released last October. That's been a whole year of counting down the days, hours, minutes and seconds until we could get our grabby little hands on it. But let me tell you, that wait has been well worth it as Warrior was everything I hoped for, expected and more.

Some people may say that Romeo & Juliet is the greatest love story written but (and don't go attacking me here as everyone is entitled to their own opinion) Sara Grey and Nikolas Danshov's story is the greatest love story I've read. I wasn't sure it was possible to fall in love even more with this story after reading it all from Sara's POV in the Relentless series. How wrong was I!

Move over every other book boyfriend, real boyfriends and husbands (sorry to my other half) but Nikolas has stolen my heart, my breath and me. If you want to know how jealous I am of Sara on a scale of 1 to 10, well let's just say it's 100.

If you have read the Relentless series then you'll know that feeling of wanting to know what Nikolas was thinking and feeling through so many parts of the books. Well in Warrior we finally get to discover what he really thought all those times Sara kept disappearing and finding trouble. Trust me, there were definitely some surprises in store and a few tears in my eyes moments too, but really this book more than lived up to my expectations of what I expected and wanted from Nikolas's POV.

I hate putting spoilers in my reviews so sometimes miss out on what I really want to say. However from the blurb of the book you should already know that Sara is Nikolas' mate. But Nikolas has been an undefeated Warrior for 200 years so to suddenly discover his mate, and in someone who doesn't want his protection makes it hard for Nikolas. There were so many times in Relentless, Refuge and Rogue that Nikolas came across as surly and rude, however we finally get to discover the real reason behind why he was acting like this. We also get to see the many mis understandings there were between the two of them. To me Karen Lynch is a genius for having written such a fantastic book, following all that happened in the Relentless trilogy but from another view point. It wasn't boring or a re hash of the other books at all, it was truly something enjoyable and magical to read.

Now your next question may be, do I need to have read the Relentless series before reading Warrior? Well, I guess you could just read Warrior first and move onto the Relentless series, but for me the enjoyment is all in falling in love with all the characters in Relentless, Refuge and Rogue and then rediscovering it all again, but with a different perspective from Nikolas. I also think there are certain points and scenes that may be spoilt by reading Warrior first, as a lot of the suspense in Relentless and the following books is wondering what will happen next and watching a beautiful romance develop.

All three of the Relentless books are already on my yearly re read list (and not many books actually make it there for me to re read every year) and Warrior has also been added straight to that list. It has been a very long time since a book and a series has captured my imagination and attention as much as this whole series has me. I've loved every minute of reading them and I will carry on reading them for a long time yet to come. I feel like Warrior really was a treat to the fans from Karen Lynch but I also now feel like the series would not be complete without this book. It definitely gets the full five star rating from me and honestly, I can't see how anyone else would not enjoy this book.

If there is one series you need to have read in your life then this is it and I can't wait to see how everyone falls head over heels for Nikolas after reading Warrior. This is now one of my everlasting favourite books.

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