Friday, April 22, 2016

Britt's review of DemiGods & Monsters by Raye Wagner. Sphinx series.

First can I say, whoever this cover model is, I'd like to know where I can order me some of him. I'll have sweet dreams tonight ;).

Now on to the reviewing stuff.

UGH! Another one!
And I say that with the utmost respect.
I LOVED this one too! And was heartbroken when the end came to soon. Another well written, 5 star deserving read.

Since most of Ms. Wagners reader will not have read this yet I will try to be as respectful of spoilers as I can, but I make no promises.

To follow the form of my review on Curse of the Sphinx, let's get down to character evaluation.

Athan: I was so upset for Athan in the end of Book One. He truely wanted hope, you could tell he wouldn't listen to his father's advice. But, Hope heard what she did and split. I knew we would open this story with him searching for her and he didn't let me down. He proves to be loyal and resourceful, and even when things are strained he always has Hopes best interests in mind. I was thoroughly impressed with how he handles competition for Hopes attention, which brings me to the newest character:

Xan: Now this guy seriously greases my gears. From his snarky attitude, to the marshmallow inside, armed with dimples and tatz, he is a Bullseye on the Brittaini's Book boyfriend lust..I mean list. YA or not.. Nummy. I am so #TeamXan. Not for hope.. For me. Lol.

Hope: Speak of the devil.. Or Sphinx as the case may be. I loved her character growth, she's actually doing something for herself for once. She may be following her mentors schedule for the most part but all her motivation is self centered and I say it looks good on her. She's faced with the boy issues but you can tell where her heart is, and I think it's great that she sticks to her guns even in the face of DemiGod Candy and confusion.

Now, Krista doesn't make an appearance but we go get some more snooty twats, and egotistical males to annoy our main characters. If I could throat punch Obelia, I totally would.

And, without treading on ice that's too thin I must say Hope certainly has some big players in her corner. I may even be able to forgive a little bit of Apollos crazy curse urges for how he handled his sons! Just saying.

5 out of FIVE all the way. I'm bouncing for book three!

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