Saturday, April 2, 2016

Jem's - Perfekt Balance by S.T. Bende

Perfekt Balance is the third book in the Aere Saga series by S.t. Bende and is released on Tuesday 5th April. If you haven't read the first two books in the series then I recommend starting those first.

Become what you believe. 

Elsa Fredriksen knows there’s a thin line between love and fear. As High Healer, she rights the wrongs committed by those who choose the darkness. But even Asgard’s secret weapon can’t undo every injury—especially when her fate is completely entwined with the god she’s trying to save. 

Elsa’s in love with the Norse God of Justice. But Forse’s heart is ruled by fear—fear that the past will repeat itself; fear that opening his heart will compromise his ability to do his job; fear that he’ll hurt the one girl he desperately wants to protect. Again.

When Elsa faces off against the very monster she once swore to protect, her survival depends on a power she isn’t sure she can control. And when Forse’s worst nightmare unfolds in front of him, Elsa has to decide whether it’s more important to hold the realms in perfekt balance . . . or hold onto the guy she can’t imagine existing without.

Perfekt Balance follows Elsa as the main character, who is Tyr's sister and whom we first met in Perfekt Order.
As Elsa is the current Unifier for Asgard, a job she hardly knows anything about (she is standing in until Mia can take up the role), she is taken along on a mission with Tyr, Brynn and Forse to the dark elf realm of Svartalfheim. Forse is not happy about Elsa being bought along as, if you've read the rest of the series, we all know that there are some deep hidden feelings between the pair of them that I've been desperately hoping gets resolved.

I really loved this book and like all of S.t. Bende's books it's incredibly well written. I'm not quite sure how S.t. does it, but just when you think she can't top her last book, she does. The depths of characters and the world building she creates is just something else, she draws me so deeply into her worlds that I feel like I'm there and forget that really I'm just back in grey, rainy London on Midgard. I also love how there is a mixture of Swedish and Norwegian words used in her books, Hei Hei and jag elsker deg have become new favourite words of mine since reading S.t. books.
I love how we still get to see all the characters from the other books (especially happy as Tyr is my favourite) and the relationships she has between them all. I have to admit that there were certain parts with the interaction between Tyr, Elsa & Forse that had me laughing out loud. This book actually had me on the edge of my seat a bit more than the previous two, there were also some parts that touched my heart more than the other two books did.

I don't have a favourite book from S.t. Bende's library as I really do think all of her books are as awesome as the other, however this one may be a very close top read of hers for me. I loved it and I recommend you all buying it when it's released.

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