Saturday, April 2, 2016

Britt's The Alpha Male isn't the only one on the Block!

It's recently been brought to my attention by a good friend that the term "Alpha Male", is not only over used, but used incorrectly in A LOT of situations. After doing the requested Google research, I agree. So, lovely readers it's time for Brittaini to don her glasses, put up her hair and start today's lesson!

Alpha Male
Described as confident. They do their own thing and have complete confidence in what they do and how they do it. They will always have self doubts, but never allow them to to impair their thinking process and logic.
They are described as generally likable, and are armed with an arsenal of wit, charm, and personality. It's said woman are drawn to these men. They are men who enjoy being sociable, and thrive in large groups as a leader.

 Seems pretty by the book, eh? I bet your sitting there saying "Brittaini, we ALL know this already.", But! There's more just keep reading. There are apparently four other categories of male, some similar and some opposite.

The Beta Male
They're said to be shy. More introverted, and much less confident then the alpha. Experiencing more insecurities, and doubts in themselves. People tend to like these males, but they are not revered, and are more like Brother material, than Boyfriend. They are born followers that tend to stay out of the spot light.

The Omega Male
This is what I call the Villan Book Boyfriend. The bad guy that has that pull. They, like the Alpha male have extreme confidence. They are intelligent and charismatic. But unlike the Alpha, is a Lone Wolf. They prefer their own company, and do not rely on others. They don't have the trust an Alpha would give to those around him. Also a born leader, but has no sense of a higher authority.

The Sigma Male
I think this would be my favorite. Lol!
They're masterminds of manipulation, they are cunning and intuitive. They were described as the "Spider Laying a Trap". With a gift for, and I quote " swaying people to their will". They will not carry themselves the same as an Alpha, or an Omega. People will be both wary and respectful of this man. It's said they can be even more powerful than either of those males in society because of their abilities of persuasion, and their mystery. They are not a follower, nor a leader, but a Wildcard.

Now last and kinda least as far as book boyfriends go:
The Gamma Male.
This Male is invisible, metaphorically speaking of course. (But would that be an awesome perk ;) !) There is nothing about this male that will stand out or come off as spectacular. They blend. People like them, including the ladies, but he's not memerable. Hes not a born leader, or a follower. However he can take on either persona if the need arises.

Now after summarizing and contemplating, I've come to the realization that I myself have categorized male characters wrong a million times. And, it was a topic that needed to be addressed in the world of book reviews! When you review your next book keep in mind my list above and don't gush that you loved the Authors Alpha lead, if he was an Omega the whole time! ;)

So what is the man in your life?

Peace Love & Happy Reading 

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