Friday, April 8, 2016

Britt's Review of Demon King (Book 2) by Kassandra Lynn

Demon King

Whooohooo! Book Two of the Demon Kingdom Fairy Tales Series. Yesssss!
Okay now that I have that out of the way I can get serious. As in I seriously love this series so far!
 Let's get you a blurb so I can continue to gush about what I liked.

"Adriana has returned to her kingdom and ascended the throne as the rightful Demon King. However, she finds her home on the brink of war. Heartbroken and drained from a forbidden love, Adriana must find a way to assume her responsibilities, stop a war, and somehow unravel the family secrets that threaten to destroy her world. It’s a tremendous feat, but one she may be destined for."

I'm going to start with what I didn't like because the list is short.
- I enjoy the flow of the story so I wouldn't want just filler, but the story just isn't long enough for me. I like a longer read. But that definitely doesn't detract from anything.

Now on to what I did like:

- Adri fell down... Like A LOT. She tripped over things, and was pushed down many times in the first books, but it just keeps happening! Now you maybe saying doesn't that get annoying?! And you would think so, but I found it endearing as a clutz myself. It becomes something to expect from her, and worth a chuckle..Oh Adri...

- She is the perfect definition of a Good Ruler. She does what she has to do, but she doesn't like any of it, and her morals are clear on innocents.

" Im glad they halted the attack. I don’t think I can stomach seeing another lifeless body or severed limb without throwing up. More than once, I wanted to call a stop to it, but Demon Kings don’t have the right to back out or display fear. We are the very definition of fear. If I can’t do that, I might as well give up my family’s throne and my life to the usurper. If I don’t succeed today, then the usurper will be the Demon King and I will forever be hunted down until I die. This is the way of demons and the price we pay for the throne."

-Aldric, the mage the tried to make Adri his summon beast is NO WHERE to be found. W00T, take that looooserr.

-. “Princess Salvene gets to see first hand Keldrin's love, and NOT for her!

-Finally getting a look into "Sadi". And Drake ;)

-And can we take a second to admire the cover. All her art is just beautifully done!

- Fairyland. Nuff said :).

Kassandra Lynn  knocks another one out of the park. I cannot wait for book three. Will Adri and Keldrin get that HEA I want them too?! Who is going to end up on which frigging throne! Also, I'm looking forward to finding Adri's dad! Where is he?!

The book is well written. I woill say I saw growth in the areas I wanted to see it. The characters development, and plot twists are intruiging and satisfying.

If you haven't checked out this series, and you want a GOOD read, that won't take long I'm recommending this to you. If you would like to read my review for the first book in the series, you can find it here:

5 stars Kassandra! 

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