Friday, April 22, 2016

Britt's Review of The Curse of the Sphinx by Raye Wagner

First I have to say, Greek Mythology in reality + Cursed Heroine = Gonna read it regardless. But, I did receive this book as part of a launch for book two. And, honestly... I want to nah-nah-na-Boo-Boo everyone who didn't take advantage of the offer :)!

It took me approximately a chapter to get hooked, and I was fed bread crumbs the whole way through until the end. Which, I must say hit me like a brick wall. Not only did my reader heart mourn the fact there wasn't more to read, it was a total cliff hanger. Now, normally I really dislike cliff hangers, but this one was well written and created a great need for book 2.

Let's talk about some of these lead characters.

Athan: without spoiling to much, this son of Hermes leaves me on the fence. I really don't like that he leaves Haley's theory of trying to make our heroine jealous UN confirmed. He is after all HERMES son. I want to see that he's genuine. But, other than that complaint he's a pretty amazing male lead. He thinks like a guy, but in the end almost always does the right thing. (If he has the facts ;). ) On a side note his aunt makes this frigging book lol.

Hope: It's really hard to critique her. This is the first story I've read with a Sphinx as a main character. So she's kind of setting the bar for future characters such as herself, and its set pretty high. She's definitely a teenager, she has her insecurities and she makes her mistakes. But she's strong, mentally, emotionally, and physically. She gets through some tough times with nothing but her on strength of will. So far I'm incredibly impressed that I'm still on the heroines side. Normally half was through the first book a heroine will annoy me enough that I lose interest.

Haley is an amazing best friend even if she's flakey lol She just kind of happeneds I'm still at a loss in where her loyalty popped in from :).

And let's talk about the evil bitches that every highschool has. Krista. I wish I could Bippity-bobbity-Blow her head off. Mission accomplished with this one Ms. Wagner, touché.

All in all I am satisfied. Which is actually saying a bit. The writing is well done. They story is creative. The Cliffhanger makes me gravitate towards NEED for the next book. Cannot wait to see what's to come :)! I'm going to give this a 4 out of FIVE. If the next book is as awesome I see no problem passing out stars like party favors. If you like greek mythology, this is definitely a series you want to miss. 

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