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Britt's review of The Grimoire Saga By S M Boyce.

So, where to start!
This could be a long one so sit back, get comfortable, and enjoy my demented ramblings.
Usually I let the crazy out from the get go, but this time I'm going to keep calm. I hear the First Vegabond whispering "peace Brittaini, calm". 

Okay, so the back story. (Mine not the books! Muhahaha)
About a week ago, I participated in a launch party, in which I won multiple books and even a necklace! One of my hoard of treasures was The Grimoire Saga By S.M Boyce. It was the last of my winnings, so by Brittaini logic it should be the first I read right?! So that's what I did.

Now I had full intention of reading book 1 & reviewing & repeating, until the saga was over. But! Low and behold, my intention was not met. I started Lichgate and didn't stop until Illusion was finished. Now I have to review it as a Saga because that how Brittaini's mind works, these are no longer 4  individual stories, but one continuous one, labelled and stored together. And That one story is full of AMAZING!

Now before I get into the review, lets give them Soul Windows a treat.
These are the beautiful covers of Lichgate, Treason, Heritage, and Illusion.

Now I'm thinking you're probably saying " Okay Brittaini tell us about the book now please!" So I'll stop dwaddling and give you the blurb.

" Experience the haunting world of Ourea from the beginning as Kara Magari uncovers a secret door in the middle of the forest—a portal that transports her to Ourea, the hidden world full of terrifying things.
Where she is successor to The Vegabond, inherting his magic, knowledge, village, and the 1000 year old ghost himself. This epic series challenges traditional notions of good and evil, pits monsters against each other, unravels the secrets of magic, and showcases the power buried within us all.

From betrayal to seduction, romance to murder—the Grimoire Saga has it all."

And it really does have it all. I cannot say enough good things about this series. So before I overwhelm you with the squee of the newly awoken FanGirl, let's see if I can find something to critique.

Umm. I'm thinking hold on.
Kay nope.

Oh wait! I just got it. I know that in order for the whole story to unravel she has go fall into this library, but I just don't see an experienced hiker taking shelter in a random door in the side of a mountain. But hey! What's Paranormal fiction without a little "anti-reality", and unezplainable pull. Which kinda makes my critique pointless. Well, crap, I tried.

FanGirl time!!

The heroine in this story Kara, is amazing. She's believable, resilient, strong, and resourceful. She makes mistakes and learns from them. She has amazing morals. She loves and grieves. She's loyal to fault. She's pretty Fricking amazing, and I loved reading and seeing the growth in her. I really wish she would have caved to the Vegabond a bit more, he was her best resource and she failed to use it to its best potential. Sure hearing him in her mind might be intrusive, but he was there anyway. I'd have been chatting his chilly ass off.

Braeden -The " Hero"- is an amazing male lead. He's painted as a monster in hiding for a bit, but I felt it in my blood factory that he had a heart of gold and a will as strong as diamond. And he did not let me down. He's the perfect balance of Alpha protector, and Doormat to the woman he loves. I absolutely adored this character.

The Vegabond himself plays little part in the day to day of this Saga but when he makes an appearance he really does a job of it. He is by far one of the best characters. His relationship with Kara and the evolution of it is something to watch for sure. I believe even with his mistakes he was an AMAZING man when he lived. And he deserved the reverance of the people of his world.

There are some amazing supporting characters in this book. Twin simply breaks your heart at first but you see the amazing Second she becomes. Richard the former Blood(Royal) was clearly an amazing King and becomes an amazing addition to the side of good. Gavin goes through so much, and loses his way. My heart warmed in Heritage and Illusion with his story in mind. Stone made me laugh, and his mystery has me intrigued. And that's just to name a few!

The story is amazingly well written, and edited. It flows, and urges and draws you in. The author seriously deserves some snaps. *snap snap*. I really urge you, my reader luvs, to buy these books. Read them. Enjoy them. Treasure them.

They are the perfect series for a supernatural, Paranormal, or fantasy fan.

On a side note, just to be a generous genius she threw in the first book of her spin offs. It's Stones story and I am so excited to read it. I have so many questions about him! But before I break the seal on that fantabulous-ness, I need to get this review and its FIVE STAR rating up and live! I hope you enjoyed my thoughts and will follow through and 1-click this Saga! I promise it's 100% worth your time!

Brittaini Over & Out.

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