Monday, May 23, 2016

Jem's review of Anarchy

Did Charlie Bennett ever tell you that vampires are evil spawn? Well they are! 
She's had just about enough of them and when the unthinkable happens, she decides it might just be time to use her blood as a weapon against them. 
It's time for a little anarchy. 
*Recommended reading age 17+ due to language.

I loved Ash so literally could not wait for Anarchy to be released and am so glad it's finally here. Jaymin Eve and Leia Stone are some of my favourite authors so when I heard they were writing a book together I was so freaking excited, when I heard it was going to be a trilogy, well I think it made my year.

Anarchy is the second book in the Hive trilogy and it does not disappoint. This book doesn't suffer from middle book-itis, oh no, it kicks as much ass as Charlie, Ryder and the rest of the Sexy Six do.

"Holy hot day in hell, he was totally going to be the death of me"

This book picks up right after the end of Ash and we've got the hot date between Charlie & Ryder to finally look forward too, but things don't go as planned, and how could they really for the Unicorn Ash?

Now you'd think that the fact this book is written by two authors would be noticeable, but it's really not. The pace of the story & the dialogue with the characters flows seamlessly. There is depth to all the characters, minor & big (this is an important thing for me that even the minor characters don't fall flat) that you find yourself loving & hating right along with Charlie.

"As Ryder’s laughter died off, I fluttered my lashes, giving him a subtle wink. “Nice to see you can laugh. For a while there, right after I first met you, I was sure you had a Botox addiction and couldn’t actually smile.” He chuckled again and let his eyes roam over me, landing on my lips. “I won’t tell you what I thought when I first met you. Wouldn’t be gentleman-like.”

I love the sass from Charlie, my favourite characters are always the ones with kickass comebacks, humour & faults. I love her relationship with Jayden, I want my own BAFF. Ryder comes out of himself more in this book and really shows that he's the leading man for me, sorry I meant Charlie and the sexy six...... well I feel like we all need them in our life. All of there characters grow and we start to see a bit more of the silent, brooding Sam, but not near enough and I have some big questions I still want answered.

This is what I love about books, the way they can draw you into the world that has been written so that its you living there right alongside it all, becoming friends with the characters and building relationships that feel real. Not all authors and books are able to do that, but this sure is one of those books that can.

I loved it and I can't wait for the final book, Annihilate to come out as even though this wasn't a massive cliff hanger ending, it still left me wanting to grab the next book and read straight away.

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