Thursday, March 10, 2016

T's - Yield the Night Review

After losing her apprenticeship Piper returns from boarding school only to have her home Consulate burnt down around her. When she wakes up she finds that she has been kidnapped by her mother and the Gaians. The Gaians plans are to unlock Piper’s sealed magic and have piper help lead the Gaians in a rebellion against the Consulate, but nothing ever is that simple. However when the seal on Piper’s magic is broken, it’s a race against time to save her life. Piper, Ash and Lyre must go on a quest to find a healer who can help her control her magic. While on the way Piper learns about her past and family heritage.

Piper has grown and matured throughout the series and how she rises to every challenge. She is not perfect and tends to complain way too much in her head, but she does learns from her mistakes. Ash and Lyre both hold a special place in my heart (We all know she is in love with Ash) yet I can see why they became such loyal friends. I loved seeing the other sides to Lyre to, he is such a confusing character and I want to know more about who he is. Ash is so infuriating but I love his character, he never makes anything easy but you know he has a soft spot for piper.

I was definitely surprised when I found out about Pipers heritage and who she is. But one thing that stands out the most is how Ash reacts to her once she gets a hold of her magic. There is definitely something brewing between those two and I can’t wait to see how it grows throughout the series.

-The one thing that bugs me is Piper tells Ash her feelings, he is asleep, but not really. After confessing her feelings she leaves him because she doesn’t want him coming to her aid and she wants to prove herself. She did get annoying in parts of the book, but reliance and eagerness for Ash's help. In a way she lost a bit of her flare and fierceness.

-I think Ash is finally coming to terms with his feelings for Piper. I have no idea what will happen in book 4 but I hope the characters are finally going to stop being so stubborn and confess their feelings.

Some of my favorite quotes:

-"This here's a mighty big group of Gaians. What a gathering! I didn't know murderers had a support group."
-"It's not murder when it's just daemons!"
"Just daemons? Wow, I'm hurt. Your mothers didn't think we were just daemons."

-"Let's go visit the Overworked."
"I've always wanted to see it. I don't have any spray paint though."
"Spray paint?"
"I've always wanted to paint 'Overworked Sucks' on the side of a mountain and see how long it took them to notice."

-"You should take your clothes off beforehand. There's no way to know what your form will be. Constricting garments could be painful."
She tried not to blush. "Okay."
"Hold on a minute." Lyre followed his arms across his chest and scowled. "How come when he tells you to take your clothes off, you're all, 'Sure, no problem'?"

-“Ash had done so much more than capture her heart. He’d changed the very landscape of her soul.”

 I give this book 5 stars!

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