Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Perfekt Match by S,T. Bende Cover Reveal

So we have a little fun news . . . we have a cover for Perfekt Match!

Valkyrie Brynn Aksel is ready for some downtime. With her friends safely returned from the dark realms and the school year off to a quiet start, she’s ready to settle back into her roles as Henrik Andersson’s girlfriend, the God of War’s bodyguard, and her mortal roommate’s Asgardian mentor. But when an urgent message arrives from Asgard, it becomes clear there’s no rest for the gods . . . not when the security of the realms is on the line.

The Goddess of Love has fallen ill, her emotional reserves tanking almost a year after her Helheim imprisonment. An unsanctioned connection with a mortal is the only thing keeping her in the light, but Freya’s vow to the Norns prevents her from fully uniting with her perfekt match. War’s human girlfriend could delay the effects of Freya’s illness, but the ban on inter-realm unions prevents her from accessing her power. Saving Love is going to require a very persuasive argument to three very stubborn sisters . . . and a journey straight through the darkness. With the collective happy-ever-after of the cosmos on the line, Brynn and Henrik must travel to the heart of the realms to save their friend, their love, and the future of their worlds. And with an inexplicable cold spell gripping Midgard in its treacherous tentacles, more than just Love hangs in the balance. Ragnarok is coming. And it’s shaping up to be the perfekt storm.

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