Thursday, March 10, 2016

Britt: Review: Dragonbane - Sherrilyn Kenyon

     It pleases me when she maddens me.
                When she makes me stand gaping and staring!        
                It pleases me when she laughs at me and makes fun of me, behind my back or to my face.
                For after the ill, the good will come very quickly, if such is her pleasure.

I was pleasantly surprised when looking at good reads and noticing this book was out. It didn't get as much promotion as most of Sherrilyn Kenyons Dark-Hunter books, but it should have! I've been reading The Dark Hunter series for the better half of a decade, yeah 5-6 years sounds about right, and if you haven't started it yet you need too. This is the 26th book in the series, so you have some catching up to do.

Dragonbane is the story of Maxius and his Dragonsawn Sera. 

Max, Sanctuary’s attic dwelling dragon, first appeared in Night Embrace, Dark Hunter 4. And now he finally gets his book. I was PUMPED. Its been a long time coming! Thats for sure. Through the series we only see small snippets of Max. It fascinated me, I wanted to know more about him, and it seemed it would never come. Unexpectedly  Max’s past comes strutting into his life again, in the form of his Amazonian wife Seraphina and her tribe of Amazons sisters, acclaimed Dragonslayer. And they're there to add his scales to their armor.

Now the storyline in this book is as usual. Male/female romance, their ups & downs, his present, their past, their problems, ect. Followed by an interruption for the bad guys to get their 5 minutes of fame. Followed by The Hero's, & The Fix. But nothing is ever a true victory with Sherrilyn Kenyon, her villians are forever.

I loved getting an inside look into Max. After all the mystery, it's good to finally get to know him. His story is sad, he's the most loyal amazing man you could hope for, but the poor man is forever unappreciated.

Spoiler ahead:

One thing I loved about this book in particular out of all the Dark-Hunter books is Max's children. I'm glad he got to be a father to more than his brothers. And it leaves so many more book opportunities open. Hayden's and Edena's love stories, or a second Max book where he gets to bond with the children whose childhood he missed completely.

Now there is one thing I need to point out, on the negitive side. Since no review is honestly good without SOME type of criticism. Or else how would our favorite authors grow?

* There are so many sub-series to Dark-Hunter, which is a positive, not a negative. Dark-Hunter, Dream-Hunter, Were-Hunter, Hellchaser, The Chronicles of Nick(more YA) ect. But, the issue I have with this book is that she had to many guest appearances from those characters in the sub-series' all in one of her shorter stories. Even for a season reader like me, I was getting family ties mixed up. When your series is about numerous religious pantheons, and your dealling with hundreds of God's/goddesses, their children, parents, minions, lovers, ect all-in one book It can get confusing. Which, in normal circumstances I can honestly say Sherrilyn Kenyon doesn't usually do. However, I'm always happy to see Acheron, I was disappointed Simi didn't make an appearance. If you don't know who SIMI is, you need too. Be prepared to have a favorite new Star, because she's the titz!

All in all I give this book a 4/5 stars. I loved the character choice, the back story, the Ending that is not an Ending, the cover and the series transition. If not for the character jumble it would've been a perfect 5/5.

This is adult Paranormal romance. Sexual content and adult language. Violence.

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