Monday, March 28, 2016

Kassandra Lynn Interview & Freebie day!

Kassandra Lynn: Author of Demon Princess. Which will be free on Amazon 4/16/2016! In celebration of the release of book three in the series!

1. When did you realise you wanted to be an author, was it a life long dream or was there something else that influenced your career choice?

I have always loved to read. In school, I was that girl who carried a novel with her all the time and read a page or two in between classes. I started writing my own stories when I was in middle school, and I managed to complete a couple full-length first drafts before I graduated middle school. High school, college, and life got in the way, and so I stopped writing until a couple years ago.

2. What inspired the Demon Princess Series?

Demon Princess series (or Demon Kingdom Fairy Tales series) was inspired by several Japanese animations and Chinese novels. I used to watch anime and read comics all the time when I was younger. There were some ideas I loved, but the storyline didn’t go in the direction I wanted. I wrote Demon Kingdom Fairy Tales series to include the themes I love the most—female king, summon beasts, a forbidden love interest who is supposed to be the enemy, and another love interest who is a bodyguard/subordinate.

3.I hear other authors talking about all their characters voices rambling on in their head. Do your characters reach out to you like that? If so who's the loudest?

They do. Adriana is the loudest.

4. Do you have a favorite character in your books? Or a least favorite? ( I know authors love their characters, but is there one you want to smack even as your writing them? *cough*PrincessSalvene*cough*)

Hahaa! My favorite characters are Keldrin and Sadi. I don’t have a least favorite, because, to me, all characters serve a purpose. If I don’t have antagonists, then no one might want to read the story.

5. Are any of your characters based on real life friends and family? If so can you give us an example?

I didn’t intend to base any characters on real life friends/family, and I think none of my characters is like anyone I know.

6. The world you've built is of two factions human and demon. Will we get to explore them a bit more in the books to come? Are there many differences between the two, other then inhabitants?

Yeah. Book Two and Three explore more of the worlds. There are some subtle differences, but they are similar in many aspects.

7. You definitely gave us a male lead to love. If you could pick your top 5 book boyfriends from other series' who would they be and what book are they from?

Ryn from Rachel Morgan’s Creepy Hallow series

Er Lang from Yangsze Choo’s The Ghost Bride

Mikza from Kaitlyn Davis’s The Golden Cage

Edward from Aya Ling’s The Ugly Stepsister

Jovan from Kelly St. Clare’s The Tainted Accords series

I tend to like the good boys more than the bad ones.

8. What made you decide to write in the Paranormal/Fantasy genre?

To me, books are tickets out of reality. The fantasy genre, in particular, has no limit to confine my imagination. Although contemporary and modern stories might be more relatable to many people, I’ve always loved the ancient and mysterious times and places.

9. When you are writing, what do you think is the most difficult process? 

The most difficult process is editing. While writing the first draft is fun, editing is a tedious job. I don’t like to reread books—because I already know what’s going to happen—but I have to read my own book many, many times during editing.

10. And last but not least, what do we have to look forward to from you in the future? Anything exciting cooking?

I’m working on A Second Chance at Life, a time travel romance. This story follows a daughter of a duke back in time, before her life was ruined by her half-sister and an unhappy marriage. With this second chance, she’ll have to avoid the events that lead to her misery and her death.

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