Thursday, March 10, 2016

T's - Bind the Soul Review

Piper’s story continuous with more of her breaking the rules to becoming an Apprentice Consul.After surviving the Sahar incident in the first book, we learn that Ash (gorgeous draconian daemon) is missing. Piper, knowing Ash is definitely in trouble, will do everything in her power to bring him back. With Lyre’s help, Piper's mission is to find Ash and save him from Samuel in the Underworld. It a rough journey full or torture, tears, love, magic, power and hatred.

There are twist and turns at every corner. I don’t want to give too much away because this book is amazing. I would normally write a really long review but I don’t think this book needs one. It way better than the first one and I couldn’t put it down.

I will say one thing though:

The romance between Piper and Ash is definitely starting to heat up. Piper is trying to save ash, but unfortunately when she finds him, he is Shaded. So when they are in the mist of escaping, he pins her to a wall and almost bits her neck!!!! Also, that kiss!!!!! OMG I need more, so hot and steamy. That is all I’m giving away but I need more scenes between the two. It definitely heating up
Favorite Quotes:

-"I don't want to die,"
"Death is easy. Living is difficult."
"Are you injured?" the draconian asked the other two daemons.
"We'll live," on replied. "She fights like a damn sphinx."
Insult briefly flared through the fog. Hadn't she beaten a sphinx? They weren't that tough.

-"Look, Lyre. I'm not going to sleep with you, okay? I'm never going to sleep with you. Daemons are off my radar entirely. You're wasting your efforts on me.
"Piper, I'm not sitting here because I'm angling for a score. And don't think I take it personally that you keep saying no-- even though I know you want to say yes."
"You're never going to stop?"
Can't do it. Might as well ask me to stop breathing."
"You cannot compare your sex drive to breathing--"
"Piper, you're so naive sometimes."
"I am not."
"You are. Ash will always be a deadly predator, Miysis will always be a manipulative tyrant, and I will always crave sex with any moderately young, moderately female I spot. It's our natures."

-"I'll be ready. Just get me on that damn list."
He smiled easily, "Don't worry I never disappoint a lady."
She nodded politely, gritting her teeth. Was Miysis flirting with her too? She needed an 'I don't date daemons' button.
"Neither do I," Lyre added suggestively confirming her interpretation of Miysis's remark. The incubus purposefully brushed against her as he passed. She sighed. A bright red button. In the shape of a stop sign.

-"You are to the Sahar what a gun is to a bullet. The bullet is what kills people but it’s powerless without the gun. Samuel will hold you close as his most prized possession. You will be his ultimate weapon. You can wield the Sahar, the only one who can. If he can't use it, then he will train you to use it. He will torment and torture you until you are as obedient a slave as Raum, only a hundred times more powerful than any draconian."
I give this book 5 stars!!!

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