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Britt's Review: +18 Steal the Light - Lexi Blake (Theives Series)

Hey Guys and Gals!

 I'm Brittaini.
 A little about me. Im a 27 year old Mother/Step Mom of 5. I live in a small fishing community and reading helps me travel the world since I'm a little pussy and have a plane phobia >.<. I curse like the sailor that sired me. And I have an obsession with a dragon. Not just any dragon..A PERFECT dragon...-nods off into a day dream-....

Anywho, I sat back and wondered, what book should I review to get my party started! So without further adieu:

Since it's one of my AbsoFav series, I decided I'm going to review Steal The Light by Lexi Blake. The first book in the Theives series.

This is the story of a young thieving human heroine Zoey. Hired to steal a Paranormal Artifact of large purportions, she sets off on an adventure with her "crew", never knowing the love and loss that comes with taking the job.

First let's start with her opening line:
"Grief is a selfish beast ".

Now when I open the first book in a series, and I read that first line, I want to be HOOKED. And, after reading the blurb, downloading the book, and sitting down for a good read, this line was perfect! In 5 small words Mrs. Blake had me. Hook, line and sinker. We all relate to grief. Immediately I thought to myself, " Oh this is going to be good, I'm literally 2 seconds into this book and my heart dropped."

We enter the story at the morgue. Zoey is there to identify a body. A body she is very attached to. Definitely not the happy go lucky starting, that I'm used to these days. Authors want you to see the heroines fall from Normal, Happy, Everyday Girl.. To heroine with enemies, and troubles in their future. But Lexi Blake switches the script, which she seems to do in A LOT of ways. Very refreshing. Zoeys story starts out low, as low as a girl can get, and we see her grow leaps and bounds. Her LadyBallz shine, not just through the first book but the whole series.

By the second chapter, she's turned everything you read in the first around and surprises you! Surprises always make a read more enjoyable. Here, here!

Some of the things I liked about this book:

-Devinshea.. Yip. He is by far my favorite Fae, in all the the fae books, in all the fae universe's. Devinshea is KING fackin' fae. I'm melting the panties over here just thinking about him (But then again I know his whole story). In the first book, you only get a glimpse of his otherworldly sexiness, further on in the series you get a face FULL of his fae magic ;).

- Daniel. In this first book, I want to punch him!  Just grab him straight through the book and box his ears blue. Which seems like a dislike. But, when an author evokes a strong emotion like that, its hard to not appriciate. HOWEVER, knowing what's coming helps me let his boy stoopidness slide. You'll see ;).

-The world building. Mrs Blake merges reality/fantasy so well, the world is ultimately easy to believe in.

-The range of species in this book. We have trolls, vampires, fae, werewolfs, demons, witches ect.. The "clans", " packs", covens and organizations for each species, and their ranks have been well thought out. And, their contributing personal abilities as well.

-"The Crew".. You can tell these characters are tight. And Lexi writes her supporting characters so vividly, you really get a feel for their personalities. Which they DEFINITELY have plenty of lol.
 Speaking of which, Neil, the gay werewolf. He's just the bomb. Don't believe me? Here I'll show you :).

"You’re supposed to babysit me? I should warn you, unless you plan on tying me up, I’m leaving in the morning.”His eyes lit up. “Cool, what are we going to do?”I laughed as I sat on the bed. “You’re a crappy babysitter.” “I know. It’s like letting the fox watch the chickens. I have no idea what he was thinking.” Neil’s eyes were wide with incredulity. “The whole time he was talking I was thinking about all the things we could do after we stole his credit cards."

"Keys? Did you think about leaving the keys? The car doesn’t work without the keys, and big surprise—I can’t fly. But no, Superman here just wakes me and takes off like a superhot speeding bullet. I had to run twenty miles on an empty stomach. Twenty miles. Do you know what it was like trying to get across I-35? It was like playing Frogger, and I was the poor little frog. And I think animal control is hunting for me.” Neil paused briefly to take a breath and then started in again. “And then when my sad, starved body finally manages to make it to the place where my thoughtless boss has told me to go, I fall through a bunch of holes in the concrete. Who has sink holes in a parking garage? This hotel sucks. That said, I’m going upstairs to order room service. Did I mention I’m hungry?”

Yup that's Neil, he's the Best friend we ALL want!

Now for some things I Disliked about this book. It's a rather long list, so be prepared.

- Nothing.

Yup that's about it. I love Lexi Blake's writing, storyline and characters. Imagery is good, I felt as if I lived through the story. Not too much, not to little. I can't stand over doing descriptions and Lexi has found the perfect medium.

Warning. There IS a love triangle. It's NOT by any means your regular 3-point drama situation though. Lexi Blake makes this MFM conundrum work so it's not the annoying over used situation and in the end the series wouldn't never been the same without it.

I do have SOME grievances with Zoey. She strong, opinionated, loyal, smart and full of 'Tude... But she's also very blind sometimes. I mean hello! They're Both RIGHT THERE! You'll see what I mean when you pick up this book. And when you read the rest of this series, and the spin off! Because you will, believe me, the first book is just the first very addictive hit, of the Drug I know as the Theives series.

I wouldn't suggest this book or series to anyone under 18. There is strong sexuality in these books. Who I would suggest this to, are those out there that love Paranormal/Fantasy,  Romance and Adventure all bundled up into one Shiny, Sparkling, digital file.
This book gets all the stars in my books ;)!

Peace and Love Book Addicts.
And on that note I leave you with this:

If you're a dreamer, come in
If you're a dreamer, a wisher, a liar,
a hope-er, a pray-er, a magic bean buyer...
If your a pretender, come sit by my fire.
For we have some flax-golden tales to spin.
Come in
Come in
Come in.

Brittaini Over and Out ;)!

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