Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Ts - Dragon Marked (Supernatural Prison #1) Review

I didn’t think Jaymin Eve would make me love one of her Characters more than Brace from First world, but Holy Sweet Alien Babies she did. Braxton, Maximus, Tyson and Jacob, the Compass Quad. ****DROOL****

So I guess I should write my review now. Jessa Lebron is the main character, she is a wolf shifter and alpha, with a bit of something extra. She lives in Connecticut, a center for the five supernatural races: vampire, shifter, fey, magic users and demi-fey in the US. She also lives by the prison for the most deadly of creatures, which kept for the safety of the rest of humanity.

Jessa speaks her mind and doesn’t care who I listening. She is part of a pack with the Compass brothers and they are one tight group. I was so jealous when she slept she curled up in a Braxton/Maximus sandwich. That girl is so lucky. One of the things that I liked the most about her was that she can eat anyone out of house and home. She doesn’t care what anyone thinks. This girl loves her food and dessert, I suggest don’t get in her way when she is eating. She might bite your hand off in the process. I know there is something going on between Braxton and Jessa but I have a feeling I will find out more in the next book, I have a feeling they are true mates but she never took the time to realize it.

The story is a whirl wind in itself, but I couldn’t put the book down. You learn about the dragon marked and that Jessa has a twin sister. We find out why her mom abandoned her and what the big bad family secret is. I understand why Jessa is hesitant in the begging but it was good to see that she was able to warm up to her mom. I won’t give any more spoiler out but this is one of my fav books for far. I purchased the second book halfway through the first because I knew I was going to read the second book right away!

Jaymin Eve published a fantastic book and I can’t wait to see what happens with the Dragon King.

Favorite Quotes:
-“Dammit, it’s not fair,” I growled.
“Your dragon has them all cowering like rabbits.” One of the weaker shifter animals. “Why is it that no one shows my wolf her due respect?”
He laughed. “It might be a dog eat dog world, but ... a dragon eats everyone.”

-“The smallest smile finally graced his face as he handed me a paper plate. Nestled in the center was a slice of lemon cake. I stared at it for a moment before a tear escaped the corner of my eye. Braxton laughed.
“You are still the only supe I know to cry about cake.” I sucked down my sob.
“There are very few things in this world which can move me to tears.” I hugged the plate close to my chest.
“This is just beautiful.”

-“My dragon decided that no one hurts his Jessa.”

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