Thursday, March 10, 2016

T's - Chase the Dark Review

I was recommended this by amazon based on the books that I have read. So I was skeptical at first but I’m so glad I gave this book a chance. It has its up and down but overall I NEED MORE.

When reading this book you need to give it till chapter 4 or 5 before you give up. The first chapters are really difficult to get through and it seems the authors writing changed completely after chapter 4. There are a few areas within the book that needed to be edited again but overall well done.

This book is fun, dangerous, action-packed and full of heated tension. I couldn’t put this book down. Piper the main character his head strong and will not let anyone stand in her way of becoming a consulate. She will overcome all the odds to reach her dreams. Unfortunately an incident occurs and she is paired with the gorgeous and drool worthy ash and Lyre. They set off to find Pipers father and figure who is after the Sahar stone.
(I won’t give any of the book away but I’ll give you snip it’s here and there. I don’t want to give away anything.)

What I loved about the book

- Piper is determined, strong willed, and easy to fall for deamons apparently. I love the forbidden love that’s brewing between Piper and Ash. You know they will fall for each other (if they haven’t already), but they always have each other’s back. The author is testing both characters, they don’t know if they should trust each other, but no matter what they are there for one another.

- The descriptions of the deamons makes them so real in my head. Annette does an excellent job on her descriptions of all the characters and showing her readers how creepy that really are. But what I liked the most is she showed the softer side to them as well, they aren’t all evil.

- Ash….. Oh you devilishly gorgeous of a man. You may be a deamon but man can you kick some tail. He is hiding a lot of secrets and I can’t wait to learn more about him in the future books.

- Lyre…… oh Lyre you incredibly insatiable incubus. I love your character, but give a girl a break. Let her love another man. But he is by far one of my favorites. He is witty and doesn’t hold back, when he wants something he will get it, no holding back.

What I didn’t care about the book

- It needed to be edited again before release. I found a mistakes all over the place, but I’m hoping her next book will be a huge improvement.

Favorite Quotes:

-Wish effort, she closed her mouth. Damn. Ash was… was badass. Dark, sexy, and oh-so-yummy badass. Lyre oozed so much sensuality she’d never really noticed Ash the way before.

-“Shh,” She whispered quickly, cutting him off as his shaking increased. She wrapped her arms around his head and neck, holding him tight to her, not knowing what else to do. Hysterical laughter tickled her throat, trying to escape. She was hugging a panicking, fully shaded, un-glamoured deamon. On purpose.
She forgot what she’d been planning to say. That boyishly questioning expression on his face was just like the badass draconian in her kitchen with a pink can of cream soda in his hand. It was so absurdly out of place that is was charming.

-A dark figured rose, a black wraith in the night. Wings as dark as midnight spread wide as he turned toward her. They slowly drew in again. He stepped forward.
Her gaze raked over him, desperately searching for something familiar. Something human. Black, plate-like scales ran down his arms and covered the back of his hands, leathery in texture, faintly glossy. They plated his fingers, each one ending in a deadly, curved claw. The scales were like living artwork, beautifully interlocking, mimicking over his shoulder, almost identical to a dragon hide. The dark armor spread over his shoulders, dipped down along his collarbone, and faded into dark lines that coiled over the upper half of his bare torso.

-Wondered what the three deamons would do if she sat down where she was and refused to move until fate stopped bitch-spalling her at every turn.

I give this book a 5 star review

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