Thursday, March 10, 2016

T's - Ice Kissed Review

I loved the first book. It was well written and the plot was so different from everything else that I have read, that it caught my attention right away. But this book, I am no impressed at all. The whole forbidden love between Bryn and Ridley is annoying. The author makes him out to be a playboy, he has a girlfriend/interest and all he can think about it Bryn. But the moment that Brynn and Ridley have a chance of romance he tells her “no we can’t do this, we will lose our careers and I need to think about Juni.” For gad sakes!!!! The ending wasn’t too bad. I want to see what happens with Konstantin Black because there is more there than meets the eye and I have a gut feeling he isn’t the bad guy.

Now that my ranting is done now to the nitty gritty.

- Don’t get me started on the writing. There are scenes where items just miraculously appear, scenes that makes no sense, and several paragraphs that need to be edited. This book took me forever to finish because I was so tired of Bryn. But I’m glad I finished it because I really want to see how the series ends. I’m just hoping that the 3rd book is way better.

- Bryn annoyed me the most in this book. Not only were her arguments childish and painful to even listen to, her constant ‘it wasn’t my fault; it was your fault” was ridiculous. Stop complaining, stop trying to do everything your own way, stop ignoring every opinion other than your own, and stop trying to shift the blame, even when things are your fault!

-The book was well written with a few mistakes. But this book could have been a third of the length. The book seemed to drag on and on. There was not enough to make a good book, it lacked severely. The main character can kick butt like the rest of them, but also be annoying/boring through 75% of the book (that’s being generous).

-And if I’m not mistaken there characters are trolls not humans. There seems to be no distinction between the two so you need to constantly remind yourself throughout the book, I wish the author put more thought and work into her book to allow her readers to get more involved and engrossed. This is the first book in a long time that I have no liked one bit. It reminds me of the house of night series that should have been 3 books instead of 12.

-One of the things I wished for as well was more scenes with Ridley, Tilda and Ember. There were some of my top fav characters and it seemed to slack. Also Bryn was so distant from all of them, how can you call them your best friends or really want to hang out with them? Bryn seemed to be so selfish that I wouldn’t even hang out with her. I don’t see how they are friends except for the fact that they are all outsiders.
-I am hoping the 3rd book is better and gives us more. I’m hoping Bryn develops more as a character and allows herself to grow.

Quotes from the book:

-“What the **** just happened? He asked.
I shook my head. “I have no idea:

-This was one thing that did made me laugh (I love Kasper) - “His hair was disheveled from sleep, and he wore only a pair of pajama pants, revealing a tattoo of a rabbit above his heart.”

-“So, what do you say, white rabbit?” Konstantin asked. “Friends?”
-“This is Bayle’s meeting, isn’t it?” Kennet asked, looking over his shoulder at the large bronze clock hanging on the wall. “Doesn’t he know it’s rude to arrive late to your own party?”
“When you arrived late to your own birthday party, you told me that was arriving in style,” Linnea reminded him.”

-“It was in the fishbowl of the meeting room that everything went completely insane, and this was coming from someone who’d just been visited in a dream by Konstantin Black.”

All in all I gave this book 2 stars.

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